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What is ObamaCare’s Medicaid Expansion?

Arizona’s Medicaid expansion is one of the first steps in ObamaCare’s efforts to put more people on government-run health care. It could force 300,000 Arizonans onto Medicaid, many of whom currently have superior, private health insurance. It is estimated the expansion could cost Arizona taxpayers BILLIONS of dollars.

Is Arizona’s Medicaid Expansion Unconstitutional?

With ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion, the legislature ignored the will of the people and violated Arizona’s constitution. Two decades ago, with the passage of Proposition 108, the people of Arizona amended our state constitution to require new or increased taxes and fees to pass the legislature by a supermajority of two-thirds. Because Medicaid expansion includes a bed tax on hospitals, it required a vote of two-thirds of the legislature – which it did not get – to meet the constitutional requirement necessary to become a law in Arizona. 

How does Proposition 108 Protect Us?

Passed in 1992 by a vote of the people, Proposition 108 amended our state constitution to protect Arizonans from skyrocketing taxes and fees. Because Proposition 108 requires a vote of two-thirds of the legislature before we can be subjected to new or increased taxes or fees, our wallets are safe from the whims of whichever political party is in power at a given time – taxes cannot be raised by a mere 51% of the legislature. No general tax increase has passed the Arizona legislature since we amended our constitution.

What is Being Done to Stop the Unconstitutional Expansion of Medicaid?

The Goldwater Institute is suing to block this unconstitutional push to force Arizonans into government-run health care. To learn more about their efforts, please visit: http://goldwaterinstitute.org/

We can’t let the state government ignore our constitution and “pass” unconstitutional bills. This government overreach must be stopped NOW, or we risk ever-expanding, centralized government power.